Notice is hereby given that the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) & the Annual Vestry Meeting for the Election of Churchwardens – postponed from Sunday 19th April 2020, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic – will now be held in St Wilfrid’s Church, Church Lane, Cantley, DONCASTER,  DN4 6QR on Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 7.00 p.m.

The Meetings may be attended by:

  1. All persons whose names are entered on the Church Electoral Roll of the Parish and
  2. All persons resident in the Parish whose names are entered on a Register of Local Government Electors by reason of such residence (but who do not have any voting rights at these Church Meetings)

The Meetings are held:

For the election of Parochial Representatives of the Laity as follows:

  • 2 (TWO) Churchwardens
  • To the Parochial Church Council  4 (FOUR) Representatives.
  • To the Deanery Synod      2 (TWO)    Representatives.

For the appointment of the Independent Examiner of the Accounts.

For the consideration of:

  • A Report on changes to the Electoral Roll since the last Annual Parochial Church Meeting;
  • An Annual Report on the proceedings of the Parochial Church Council and the activities of the Parish generally;
  • The Financial Statements of the Parochial Church Council for the year ending on the 31st December 2019;
  • The Annual Report on the fabric, goods and ornaments of the Church of the Parish;
  • A Report of the Proceedings of the Deanery Synod;  and
  • Other matters of Parochial or general Church interest.

Notices of the said Meetings have been affixed to the Parish Noticeboard, together with a copy of the Annual Report & Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019 and the Church Electoral Roll Certificate following the Annual Review of the Electoral Roll which was completed on 22nd March 2020.   A copy of the said Electoral Roll is also available for inspection at the back of the Church.

Due to the current Covid Restrictions & Government Guidelines, physical attendance at the APCM is restricted.   Anyone wishing to attend the APCM is asked to e-mail  or telephone their names to the PCC Secretary, George Armitage, not later than Sunday 25th October 2020.    E-mail Address:     Telephone: 01302 535967.

Anyone who is unable to, or who does not intend to, attend the APCM but who wishes to nominate a person to hold office – as a Churchwarden, Member of the Parochial Church Council or as a Deanery Synod Representative – should contact the PCC Secretary unless they have already nominated such person or persons.   Any such nominations should be submitted no later than Sunday 25th October 2020.



In accordance with the latest Government Guidelines which allow Churches, if they so wish, to conduct certain Services in Church, the Church will be open for Mass each Sunday as follows:

To accommodate all those who may wish to attend, there will be two Said Masses:
9.30 a.m. for those whose surnames begin with the letters A to J inclusive
10.30 a.m. for those whose surnames begin with the letters K to Z inclusive

Each Service will last for approx. 35 – 40 minutes.

Signs reminding attendees of the procedures to be followed are placed inside the entrance to the Church.

A ‘one way’ system will be in operation with entry through the South Porch Door and exit through the West Door at the back of the Church

The wearing of Masks inside the Church is compulsory but these will NOT be provided. Gloves should NOT be worn, since they may be a source of
transmission of the virus, but hand sanitizing on entry and exit MUST be observed.

To comply with Government ‘Test and Trace’ procedures names and contact details of attendees will be required.

There will be NO printed matter – e.g. Hymn Books, Mass Books etc. – available. There will be NO access to either the Toilets or the Kitchen Area.

Opening Times for Private Prayer
The Church will continue to be open for Private Prayer only at the following times:
Wednesdays – from 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Fridays – from 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.


We hope that you will find all the information which you require about our church and the life of our parish but if we can be of any help, do please contact us. Better still, please come and visit us in our beautiful and historic church. To see our church and the parish surrounding it, use this Google Earth placemark. (See our links page to get Google Earth).


For enquiries about Baptisms, Marriages or Funerals please contact Fr Andrew

WednesdayNo Services until further notice
FridayNo Services until further notice
SaturdayNo Services until further notice