The Prime Minister, in a broadcast on Monday 23rd March 2020, instructed that all Churches should be closed with immediate effect until further notice.

This unfortunately means that the Church can no longer be open for private prayer. All Baptisms & Weddings are also cancelled for the foreseeable future. Updates will be posted on a regular basis


Pastoral Letter from Fr. Andrew Howard, our Vicar

18 March 2020

Dear Church Family Member

God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of power and of love and of self-control. (2 Timothy 1.7)

I feel the urge to write to you to assure you of my prayers as we experience this unprecedented crisis caused by the effects of the Coronavirus. It is a very sad time indeed, when we are asked to suspend all public worship and can no longer gather together in Christian fellowship or partake of the Sacraments of the Church. It is especially heart breaking when we know that we will not be able honour Christ in our corporate journey through Holy Week and Easter. There is a sense, however, in all that we are now having to endure is our own journey into the hard place, but ours is a resurrection faith and we remain confident that Christ can transform the very worst into the very best. That is the message of the Cross, it is the meaning of all those Easter celebrations we shall sadly be missing out on in the time that lies ahead.

I shall continue to say Morning and Evening Prayer and encourage you to go on offering prayers in your own way, as we await a return to some kind of normality. Church will also be open at those times when we would normally hold a Mass, for people to offer their own prayers and to light a candle, etc, but this of course can only be on a personal basis; nothing can happen in either a corporate or congregational way.

As your Parish Priest, I remain available for your spiritual and pastoral care and support, and for practical help too. You must be sure to make contact with me, if there is absolutely anything you need. I am particularly concerned about those members of our congregation who have no immediate family or neighbours to call on, who could all too easily find themselves in the precarious position of having little by way of food and supplies. This is not to exaggerate where we are, as I feel you will agree with me that all of this has tipped into uncharted waters.

Once again, please be assured that I am here for you, if needed, and please do not be shy in asking for help, when it is required. I shall also try to update you as and when I receive further information.

In the meantime, please be assured of my continuing prayers and by the truth that Christ IS with us in all times of joy and sorrow, need and plenty. It is to him we turn in this most uncertain and strangest of times.

Yours in love and in Christ.

Fr. Andrew


We hope that you will find all the information which you require about our church and the life of our parish but if we can be of any help, do please contact us. Better still, please come and visit us in our beautiful and historic church. To see our church and the parish surrounding it, use this Google Earth placemark. (See our links page to get Google Earth).


For enquiries about Baptisms, Marriages or Funerals please contact Fr Andrew

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